OncoBAN O2

  • Supports preventing Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Heart Diseases.
  • Helps to regulate High Blood Pressure and maintain Salt in the Body.
  • Helps to reduce oxidative Stress / Damage and Act as Anti-Aging & has Anti Microbial Effects.
  • Ingredients has the Potential to improve collagen Levels and Strengthen the Bone and Surrounding Soft Tissues.
  • Helps to refresh the Aging Neuron Cells, thereby making Brain tissue Active.
  • Helps to relieve the Renal System load , regulate Kidney Function and also Prevent from Kidney Stone Formation.
  • Helps in Inhibiting Pathogens / Infectious growth, Fight against Viral Infection and Aids in Keratin Formation.
  • It’s a highly potent Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant that may also help improve symptoms of depression and Arthritis.
  • Helps in Protecting Liver Cells, Dental and Gum Health.
  • Helps in Enhancing wound Healing, Appearance, fight against Acne and Supports to keep up Skin Health.
  • Helps in improving Digestion and Healing of Ulcers in Digestive Tract.
  • Helps to prevent and protect against metabolic syndrome, improve Cognitive
  • Function and Supports to Increase Energy Level.
  • Supports Eye Health for better Vision , Improve and Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Ingredients has the Cholagogue properties and helps to mobilize and Supports expulsion of the Bad Cholesterol.
  • Helps to control Blood Sugar Level, Helps combat Stress Swifty.
  • Soothes Cough and Helps in controlling Respiratory Problems.
  • Supports Detoxification and prevent Constipation.
  • Ingredients has Potential capabilities to be Aphrodisiac.
  • Good for Women’s Overall Health.
  • Vitisvinifera
  • Berberisaristate
  • Camelliasinensis
  • Fragariaanancassa
  • Cissusquandrangularis
  • Cynodondactylon
  • Curcumalomga
  • Ocimum sanctum
  • Piperbetle
  • Benincasahispida
  • Aloebarbadensis
  • Daucuscarota
  • Citrussinensis
  • Moringaoleifera
  • Emblicaofficinalis
  • Punicagranatum



Sachets :

  • One sachet (30ml) once daily in empty Stomach to be mixed with Warm Water and Consumed immediately.
  • For all above 14 Years
  • Not recommended for Patients with Renal (Kidney) Failure and Transplant.
  • Not Advised for Pregnant Women.

Capsules :

  • One Capsule to be consumed 30 minutes before your Breakfast and
  • another capsule to be consumed 12 hours later.
  • Adequate / Two Sips of Plain Drinking water to be consumed
  • every 15 to 20 minutes through the day.